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Emergency- Same Day Dental Treatments

Emergency Treatments

Emergency Treatment- Same Day Dental Care Treatment

Emergency Dental Care Treatment Cochrane

Emergency Same Day Dental Care at Cochrane Valley Dental. 

At Cochrane Valley Dental, we ensure you receive timely attention for dental crises. When you’re facing a dental emergency, our team at Cochrane Valley Dental is ready to provide the necessary care immediately. Understanding the urgency, we from being overlooked, thereby averting permanent damage and serious heath complications. 

Types of Dental Emergencies Treated with Emergency-Same Day Care:

  • Dental Abscesses: For infections, urgent treatment is key to preventing complications.
  • Severe Toothaches: We prioritize quick pain relief and appropriate care.
  • Damaged Teeth: Cracked or broken teeth receive our immediate restorative solutions.
  • Wisdom Teeth Pain: Alleviating your discomfort is achieved through our effective methods
  • Knocked-Out Teeth: Saving your tooth involves swift intervention in such cases.
  • Controlling Excessive Bleeding: Our procedures aim to control and prevent further blood loss.
  • Denture Issues: Specialized in repairing and adjusting broken dentures, we ensure your comfort.
  • Filling and Crown Concerns: Promptly addressing and fixing lost or loose fillings and crowns.
  • Tooth Extraction: Safe removal is guaranteed for affected teeth.
  • Root Canal Treatments: Lastly, we treat infected tooth pulp efficiently.

Our commitment to  Emergency-Same Day Dental Care extends beyond these common issues. Designed to relieve pain, halt infection spread, and save teeth, this service is a cornerstone of our practice. If you find yourself in a dental emergency. Should you experience a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to contact us for immediate care.

Dental Tips & Tricks

Immediate Action: First and foremost, contact your dentist. Describe your symptoms and request an appointment as soon as possible.  

Pain Management: To alleviate discomfort, consider taking over-the-counter pain medication, following the recommended dose.

Stay Calm: Broken teeth are often salvageable. Inform your dentist about the incident promptly.

Minor Breaks: For small fractures, your dentist might opt for a white filling to restore the tooth.

Severe Breaks: In cases of significant damage, a root canal may be necessary to preserve the tooth’s integrity.

Additional Protection: Depending on the extent of the break, a crown, also known as a cap, might be needed to fully restore the tooth.

Immediate Steps: Handle the tooth by the crown, not the root, and rinse it gently if dirty. Avoid scrubbing or removing any attached tissue fragments.

Preservation Attempt: If possible, try to reinsert the tooth in its socket. If this isn’t feasible, keep the tooth moist in milk or a tooth preservation product.

Urgent Dental Care: Time is critical. See your dentist as quickly as possible, ideally within an hour of the tooth being knocked out.

Control Bleeding: Apply pressure to the injured area using a clean cloth.

Swelling Reduction: Use an ice pack to minimize swelling.

Seek Medical Attention: If bleeding doesn’t cease or the injury appears severe, visit the emergency room immediately.

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To ensure the safety of our patients and staff and to prevent   the spread of COVID-19, At Cochrane Valley Dental ,we have implemented several initiatives for the protection of our staff and patients .

  • Covid19 screening form 
  • Temp check for both staff and patients 
  • air purifiers/filters to prevent aerosol contamination 
  • Enhanced PPE and disinfection